Disruptive design

By strategy, we understand the holistic and targeted orientation towards the long-term corporate goal. An integrated portfolio of initiatives ensures competitive advantages and thus sustainably increases the company value in the long term. We help you to choose the right competitive fields for your growth. Together with you, we develop agile organizations that are constantly evolving to react flexibly to global influences and to generate innovations of their own accord.  We accompany our clients throughout the strategy process in order to align strategic goals with the corporate culture and structure. We help you develop your organization and your staff. In this way, we create the foundation for a successful transformation and ensure that you continue to be successful in the future.

Shot of a Working Data Center With Rows of Rack Servers. People Walk and Work there, they are Blurred in Motion. Long Exposure Shot.


Which technologies and trends can endanger your business model today or in the future? In response to this question, we develop comprehensive scenarios in which your current business model is included. We will show you where the added value lies in the future and develop innovative strategies that will put your company at the top and cause it to benefit from the change. We place the new technologies in the relevant context and show whether it is really a permanent disruption or just hype. Together with you, we develop measures that are necessary for the successful implementation of your new disruptive business model.


Industry 4.0

With the next level of the industrial revolution you increase the last untapped potential of the entire production. We develop concepts for you, which take into account all aspects of service delivery. Gain security through the traceability of the production process across all levels to the individual components in production.  Innovations in digitization and analysis make it possible to plan and control processes more precisely and react more flexibly to changes. In particular, we consider the skills of the employees, who are the central component of a digital transformation, for a successful digitalization. We accompany you from the conception to the implementation of an integrated system that coordinates all aspects and constantly evolves itself. Take your company to the next level and benefit from the possibilities of smart production. Experience the breakthrough of productivity.

Manager industrial engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on real time monitoring system software. Welding roboticts and digital manufacturing operation. Industry 4.0 concept

Product development

Today, competition is greater than ever. The free availability of manufacturing technology and the transfer of knowledge mean that more and more companies are joining the technology leaders. This makes innovations that secure a technological advantage an increasingly important success factor. Already at the conception we pay attention to the contextual reference, so that your new products really meet the needs of the customers and pay off your investment.
This ensures that your products do not merely follow hype and are perceived as interchangeable. Make your innovative products unique with us, and be ahead of the competition. Together with you we design innovative products, product lines and the architecture in which they are embedded and accompany you in the development. We make sure that your services complement each other and add to a well-rounded offer that sets you apart from the competition.

You can find some of our developments under ‘Solutions’.

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