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We develop innovations and innovative business models, with which you will be ahead of your competition. Become the market leader. Because we know that each business model is a complex structure in an independent world, we take all aspects of your business into account. We offer a 720-degree consultation, which covers all areas and influences of your business. We are not satisfied with a 360-degree consultation, developing sustainable values for your business to ensure your success.

Disruptive design
New technologies enable diverse approaches. Digitisation, new production methods and artificial intelligence turn existing value chains upside down, coupled with a constantly increasing pace. Nothing stays the same. New, innovative business models are constantly developing. Established companies have to reinvent themselves. Explore and transform your business model with us using a technological transformation to systematically exploit the benefits of new technologies and navigate successfully through the world, which is currently in transition.
We understand strategies to be the holistic and targeted orientation towards the long-term corporate goal. Through an integrated portfolio of initiatives, competitive advantages are secured and thus sustainably increase the company value in the long term. We help you select the right competitive fields for your growth. We develop agile organisations, which are constantly evolving to react flexibly to global influences and bring about innovations of their own accord. We accompany our clients throughout the strategy process in order to align strategic goals with the corporate culture and structure.
Industry 4.0
Productivity encompasses every aspect of operational excellence. From the product idea, the conception and product design to the production and sales and maintenance and possible recycling. It is not sufficient to invest in the right technologies for an optimal interaction of the entire factor; by investing in human skills, these technologies become usable. We accompany you through the conception to the implementation of an integrated system which synchronises all aspects and develops itself. Take your company to the next level and benefit from the possibilities of smart production. Experience the breakthrough of productivity.
Product development
Today, competitive pressure is greater than ever. The free availability of manufacturing technology and the transfer of knowledge mean that more and more companies are joining the tech-nology leaders. This makes innovations that secure a technological advantage a critical factor for success. Together with you we design innovative products, product lines and the architecture in which they are embedded and accompany you in the development. We make sure that your services complement each other and add to a well-rounded offer that sets you apart from the competition. You can find some of our developments under ‘Solutions’.

ALPHA Digital Services

Our services combine strategic thinking and technological expertise, helping companies to distinguish real digital opportunities from hypes. We develop strategies and prototypes for new business models, making sure that technological investments pay off and your products and services are successful in the long term. We develop the skills for a successful digitization in your organization.